"Let's put it on the map!"

How to design a cuddly, eye-blinking digestible

and accessible geo-data visualization?

Niene Boeijen

Some expectation management

I do not have the answer

Maps have gone viral

(Elmer, 2013, Muehlenhaus, 2014)

  • geo visualization
  • geo dashboard
  • interactive map
  • map based application
  • Cartographic interface (Robert E. Roth)
  • Digital, interactive, map as main focus

    Small multiples

    The key components

    1. Cartography
    2. Front-end Design
    3. Interaction Design

    a new kind of Cartography

    Soo much possible these days

    Make a unique map.

    Do not paste in Google maps..


    Integrate the cooperate/brand identity colors and font

    Stamen Facebook map


    COVID-19 Nederland GebiedsMonitor

    Leave out clutter

    Corona dashboard, Rijksoverheid

    Front-end Design

    Pro tip: Hire a front-end designer

    Interaction Design

    Maps have become increasingly interactive

    Robert E. Roth (2015)

    Cartographic interaction

  • Direct (panning , zooming)
  • In-direct
  • Action > Reaction

    Always show action reaction. Click. Show something on the map.

    Risico kaart

    Zoom level bar

    Kadastrale Kaart, Geogap
    PDOK viewer

    What is with all the layers?!

    Warmteatlas, RVO
    Warmteatlas, RVO

    About the legend..

    Minimize effort

    Reduce the amount of clicks

    Atlas leefomgeving

    Interactive legend

    Eruptions, earthquakes & emissions map

    Legend as data

    Opportunity atlas

    Integrate legend in design

    The refugee project

    In summary

  • So much possible these days to develop your own interactive maps
  • Integrate Cartography, Front-end & Interaction Design well
  • Work together with web developers and designers but always check the map!
  • Thank you

    Niene Boeijen